The pandemic has altered the way we dine and enjoy food. Restaurant visits were off the menu for a while! Because of these changes, we’ve decided to make some exciting updates to our food business.

It’s likely you’ve already enjoyed a dish or two created by us when you’ve eaten out somewhere. Because, for 30 years, we’ve been creating award-winning desserts and savoury dishes for the restaurant sector.

Bringing restaurant food to your door

Many of us are spending more time at home and eating out less, because of this, we decided to deliver the restaurant-quality food we create directly to you, at home. No cooking, washing up and no worries. Our dishes are made to be enjoyed with family and friends in the comfort of your surroundings.

Plant power

Almost all dishes are vegetarian and many are plant-based, gluten-free and vegan too. Cookoo’s chefs are true ‘foodies’ with finely tuned tastebuds, only using fresh, tasty and seasonal ingredients.

Our team have an eye for detail too, every dish is handcrafted to ensure it takes centre stage on the dinner table.

In the kitchen and on the pitch… teamwork makes dreamwork

We’re big believers in teamwork and collaborating with fellow foodies to create delicious food. So, we’re delighted to be partnering with former professional rugby player and BBC MasterChef contestant, Christian Day.

Christian is working with our development chefs to create restaurant-style recipes to enjoy at home, his lifelong passion for quality food is a ‘match made in heaven’.

Here’s what Christian said:

“After a 17 year career as a professional rugby player, I learned to value the quality of food that was fuelling my performance. I recently appeared on your screens on BBC MasterChef, but my real passion is making great quality cooking accessible to everyone. The new Cookoo vegetarian dishes delivery range will help you bring restaurant-quality dishes into your home.”

These are some of the most popular dishes created by Christian are the pear and ginger cheesecake and vegan beetroot wellington. They sound great, don’t they? But they taste even better.

So what are you waiting for? Shop the range and get 20% off your first order today.

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